About Me

Hello, I’m Lauren Mouat. I’m a writer, instructor, and licensed tour guide based in Tuscany, Italy. I grew up in Menlo Park, California and moved to Rome in 2010 for what was meant to be a year but turned into nearly a decade before my move to Livorno.

My short story collection, Intermezzo, is out now! Click for more details and how to buy.

A little about me beyond the tabs above: I am the author of the short story collection Intermezzo and the founder and editor in chief of the Open Doors Review Literary Magazine. I’m a professor of Travel Writing for study abroad students in Florence and an officially licensed Italian tour guide and the co-founder of Unlock Italy: A guided tour and travel planning business that I started with my partner Luca Misuri to help travellers make the most of their time in Italy. In 2021, we launched Uncork Italy, a weekly wine newsletter and video series all about Italian wine.

You can find me on instagram @laurenissima_unlock_italy or by email. I’d love to hear from you!