Interviews & Collaborations

Interested in working together or collaborating? Send me an email! Below you can find some of the previous interviews and types of collaborations I’ve done to promote my book Intermezzo, The Open Doors Review, and living and travel in Italy.

Interview about my book Intermezzo with Heather Johnson, author of the book 1500 with participation from translator Alessia Mennitti. Watch here, using the following authorisation code A7*.+0Kd.

Work Hard Play Hard Podcast with Rob Murgatroyd: How an American Expat Writer Found her dream life in Tuscany. (2021) Watch here or listen on iTunes.

Interview with Bookclubz about the creation of The Open Doors Review and Book Club (2021). Read here.

Interview in Italian with Radio News 24 about The Open Doors Review. (2021)

Covid in Rome: One Year Later with Romewise. (2021) Watch here.

Featured in Forbes: How Italy is Inspiring the World by Coming Together through Culture (April, 2020). Read here.

Fab Luxe Magazine: Living La Dolce Vita: Italy with Lauren Mouat (January 2021). Read here.

The Reality of Moving to Italy Youtube with Kylie Flavell (2019). Watch here.

Participated in Refinery 29 travel video on Rome (2019). Watch here.

Designed tour and hosted video STA Travel and “Our Wild Abandon” (2014). Watch here.